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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Nine

The kiss started to become more passionate.  Paula grabbed Simon’s arm with one hand and opened the door with the other.


Simon didn’t know what to do.  On one hand, he could do what Paula was clearly thinking of doing, but she might be mad at him later for taking advantage of her.  On the other hand, he could stop this right now, and either get thanked later or humiliate her.


Simon figured that it would humiliate Paula, but she would understand later, so he pulled back.  She stared into his eyes, pleading him to just forget all these morals he seemed to have recently acquired.


“Paula, you know this is wrong.”


“I don’t care, Simon.”


“I really don’t want to take advantage of you.  You just said earlier that you didn’t want this to happen.”


“I changed my mind.”


Simon realized how much his desire must have grown just by kissing her, suddenly feeling constrained by his pants.


“I really think I should go.”


Paula just stared at him.  He bent down and kissed the top of her head, not wanting to risk a repeat of their ‘goodbye’ kiss earlier, and left.


‘I think that’s the first time I’ve ever walked away from that,’ Simon silently thought to himself.

Chapter Ten

This Wasn't Supposed to Happen Home

Simon + Paula = SO IN LOVE