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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Ten

When Simon arrived to pick Paula up the next day, he suspected that she might be upset.  He had no idea how right he would be.


On the ride over to the hospital, he tried to keep conversation going, but Paula would not cooperate.


“So… how was your evening?”




“Did you sleep well?”


Evil glare.


“Paula, please talk to me.”


More silence.


“I’m sorry.”


“No, you’re not,” Paula finally spoke up.


“No, really I am.  I just knew how vulnerable you were and didn’t think it was the right time.”


“Shut up, Simon.”


“Let’s just talk about something else.  So… what do you think of the contestants on the show?”


Back to silence.


“Do you have a favorite?”


Simon felt like he was talking to a wall.


“I like Kelly.  Justin and Tamyra are pretty good, too,” Simon offered.


Simon thought Paula was always willing to talk about the contestants.  He gave up.  There was no point in trying to talk to her.  She clearly wasn’t up for it.


When they arrived at the hospital, Paula got out of the car and went straight in, not even waiting for Simon.  Running to catch up with her, Simon couldn’t hold his frustration in any longer.


“Paula!” Simon shouted, grabbing her arm and pulling her to face him.  “Listen, I know you’re upset right now, but you asked me to come here with you!  You need to get over what happened last night!  I was being respectful.  Obviously, you can’t see that, but you just need to get a hold of yourself!”


Paula couldn’t take any more.  She practically fell into Simon and started bawling.


“I’m scared, Simon.  I’m sorry I took it out on you, but I don’t know what to do.”


Simon felt terrible for the way he had acted.  He stood there holding her and rubbing her back for several minutes.


“Are you sure you can do this?” Simon asked Paula.


“I have to Simon.  You said it yourself.  She needs me right now.”


Simon wiped her tears off of her face, and she plastered on a fake smile.  As soon as they were instructed what room to go to, they were on their way.


Simon was surprised at how quickly Paula seemed to have recovered from her little episode earlier.  The entire way to the room, Paula remained calm and collected.


When they spotted her room, their pace suddenly slowed dramatically.  It was like when you watch a movie, and they always show the big moment in slow motion, but this was real life, and they really were going that slow.  At one point Simon had wondered if they had stopped entirely, but after their long trek to the room, they were finally there.


The entire act Paula had put on the whole way to the room was dropped immediately.  The sight of her mother in a hospital bed did her in.  She walked over to her mother’s bed and started bawling again, and, without her head pressed tightly against Simon’s chest, there was no way to quiet her uncontrollable sobs.


They stayed at the hospital for about an hour.  For an hour, Paula cried next to her mother’s bed.  For an hour, Simon sat uncomfortably in a chair, wishing he could help the situation.  For an hour, Paula’s mother did not wake up.  They had been instructed not to wake her, so she slept the whole time.


Finally, Paula turned to Simon, “I can’t stay here anymore.”


“I understand darling.”


Simon helped Paula walk back out to the parking lot.  Now, he suddenly he wished he had just let her drive home last night.  She probably would have been a better driver then than she would be now.


“Darling, why don’t you come to my house for a little while, and then I can drop you by the studio to pick up your car later.”




When they got to Simon’s house, they decided to watch a movie.  Figuring a comedy might lighten the mood a little bit, Simon chose Super Troopers.


When the movie ended, Simon went to put his glass from his drink in the kitchen.  Paula  sat alone for a few moments in the living room, but then decided she needed to go to the bathroom.


Walking up to the bathroom, Paula didn’t even notice the light was on.  She opened the door and walked in to see Simon there.


“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” Paula screamed while she slammed the door shut.


When Simon came out of the bathroom, he found Paula laying on her stomach on the couch, face buried in a pillow.


“Darling,” Simon started while he knelt down beside her, “you don’t have to be embarrassed.”


Paula turned her face towards Simon.  The two stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like the longest time, and this time Simon made the first move.  He leaned in to kiss her.  Paula eagerly kissed him back.  This time, Simon couldn’t stop himself.  He carried her up to his bedroom, where they finally had sex.

Chapter Eleven

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