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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Eleven

Simon woke up just in time to witness the last glimpse of daylight disappearing over the horizon out his window.  He looked next to him.  Paula was still asleep, and, not having the heart to wake her, he just watched her sleep.


Finally, Paula’s eyes fluttered open, and, even through the darkness, Simon could see that she was smiling.  It was the first time she’d had a real smile on her face since she heard the news about her mother and he was glad.


“Simon,” Paula began, “I had a wonderful day, but I do have to go home.”


“I know.  I guess we should get dressed.”


“I wish I didn’t have to get up.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just stay here forever?”


“I know.  Laying here beside you seems so right.  This connection that we have, it just feels so right.  You know?”






More silence.


Simon looked beside him to see Paula once again asleep.  Figuring she probably didn’t sleep at all the night before because she was so worried about her mother, Simon decided he could drop her off at the studio in the morning, and before long, Simon was asleep as well.




When Simon woke up in the morning, he looked around confused.  Paula wasn’t there.  He could see the bathroom, and she wasn’t there either.  She couldn’t have gone home.  Her car wasn’t there.


While Simon was trying to figure this out, Paula appeared in the doorway, tray in hand.


“I thought you’d like some breakfast,” Paula said, placing the tray with assorted breakfast foods on Simon’s lap.


“Thank you, darling.”


Paula sat back down beside Simon and leaned her head on his shoulder.


“Your welcome.  Thanks for yesterday.”


“It was my pleasure,” Simon said before leaning in to give Paula a quick but tender kiss.


Paula was quiet while Simon ate his breakfast, but it was a comfortable silence.  When Simon finished, he had to ask Paula something that was on his mind.


“Listen, I just have to ask, do you actually like me or was I just some much needed comfort?”


“Simon… I do like you.  It’s just not a good time to, you know, start thinking about relationships.”


Simon couldn’t believe it.  He had just been used.  This had never happened before.  He got out of bed and got dressed quickly, wanting her out of his sight as soon as possible.


“Well, you really need to get home.  Come on.”


Paula followed Simon to the car, oblivious to how much she had hurt him.


When they got to the American Idol studio, Paula spoke up, “Well, thanks.  I guess I’ll see you next week.”


“Yeah, whatever,” Simon replied coldly just before speeding out of the parking lot.


‘I want her, and she doesn’t want me,’ Simon thought. ‘How the hell did this happen?’

Chapter Twelve

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