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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Twelve

Rated PG-13/R. - not too bad but you have been warned!

The next Tuesday rolled around, and Simon dreaded having to see Paula.  When he arrived at the studio, he went straight to his dressing room and shut the door, but it wasn’t long before he heard a knock.


“Simon, I know you’re in there.”


“Go away.”


“It’s not locked.  I’m coming in.”


“Go away.”


Paula opened the door to see Simon sitting on his couch staring at the floor.  She shut the door behind her and walked up to him.


“Simon, I’m sorry.  I really didn’t think you’d be this hurt.”


“Listen, I really don’t feel like talking to you about this.”


“Well, I wanted to let you know that my mom’s getting better.”


“Yeah, whatever.”


“Simon, stop being such a jerk!”


“I’m the jerk, Paula?!  I’m the jerk?!  You used me!  Did you ever stop and think about how I felt for a second?!  Did you ever stop and think maybe, just maybe, I was falling for you?!  I’m not the jerk Paula!”


“Simon… I…”


“Just shut up, Paula.”


“I just can’t afford to get hurt right now.”


“Whatever.  Get out.”


Paula left and slammed the door behind her.  Both judges were extremely cold to one another during the show that night.  Everyone knew that something must have happened, but nobody knew what.  After the show, Simon left the table as quickly as possible and went to his dressing room.


Simon grabbed his things quickly and rushed out to his car.  When he was just about to leave, he realized he left his cell phone in his dressing room.  He quickly ran back in to get it and wasn’t paying much attention to where he was going.  He ran right into Paula, who must have been on her way out.


“Simon, I was looking for you after the show.”


“I don’t really want to talk to you.”


“Simon, don’t walk away from me.  Did you mean it when you said you were falling for me?”


“Have I ever been known to lie, Paula?”


“Well, I guess I just wanted to say that I’m kind of falling for you too.  I’m just scared, you know?  Everyone I’ve ever loved has hurt me.”


“Don’t you know me well enough to know that I would never hurt you?”


“Simon, up until a few weeks ago, I hardly knew you at all.”


“Listen, Paula.  I will never hurt you.  Just trust me on that.”


“I do trust you.”


“Does that mean you’re willing to be in a relationship right now?”


“That depends.  I haven’t been asked yet.”


“You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?”


“That would take all the fun out of it.”


“Fine, will you be my girlfriend?”




“Paula?!” Simon was growing impatient.


“I’m just kidding!  Of course I’ll be your girlfriend,” Paula replied before standing on her tiptoes to give Simon a kiss.  The kiss grew more passionate, and neither of them really remembered they were still standing in the hallway of the American Idol studio.


“WHOA!” came a rather high-pitched voice.


Simon immediately pulled away.  “Seacrest,” he said in acknowledgement.


“Since when did this happen?!”


“Well, kinda just now,” Paula replied.


“I gotta go tell Randy!”


Ryan went running back down the hallway in the same direction he had come from.


“I’m gonna run and grab my cell phone,” Simon told Paula. “Come with me.  You don’t want to be here when Seacrest gets back.”




Simon and Paula went to Simon’s dressing room.  Simon grabbed his cell phone and headed toward the door the door.  Before he got there, Paula stepped in front of him and locked it.


“Paula, what are you…”


“Shhh,” she interrupted right before she threw him on the couch.


“You’re sure you want to do this here?”


“Uh huh,” she replied, already beginning to take his shirt off.  Paula just sat their staring at his chest for a minute.  ‘Damn,’ she thought to herself, ‘he’s sexy!’


“Paula, honey…” Simon started while tugging on her shirt. “Your turn.”


Paula giggled as she slipped her own shirt over her head.  This time it was Simon’s turn to stare, and stare he did.  He fumbled for a second with her bra clasp, but finally got it open.


Knock.  Knock.  Knock.


“You have got to be kidding me,” Simon thought out loud.


“Guys, the doors locked!  Why did you lock the door?” came Ryan’s voice through the door.


“Why do you think the door is locked, Seacrest?  Go away!” Simon shouted, now thoroughly angry.


“Simon, maybe we should stop,” Paula said.


“I don’t think so.  You started this,” he said motioning to his obvious arousal, “and you are going to finish it.”


“But Simon, you do realize that if Ryan knows what we’re doing, everyone in the entire building will know in about a matter of five minutes, and we’re going to have about thirty people listening in from outside that door.”


“What makes you think that I care if people listen?”


“I care!”


“Fine, get your shirt on.”


Both quickly put their shirts back on, and Simon angrily opened the door to a very giddy Ryan Seacrest.


“Thanks Ryan.  Thanks a lot,” Simon said coldly.  He quickly took Paula’s hand and ushered her out to his car.


Both were equally impatient on the ride back to Simon’s place.  When they finally got there, Paula had to go to the bathroom. Seeing that he had a minute, Simon decided to listen to his messages.


“Hey, Simon, this is Nigel…”




“Hey, dawg, this is Randy.  I was just wondering…”




“Hey, Simon, this is Michael.  Just wanted to remind you that you have three more weeks.  Three more weeks until I’m fifty thousand dollars richer.”


“Oh god,” Simon thought out loud.


“What was that about?” Paula asked, apparently done in the bathroom.


“That?  Oh, it’s nothing.  Just, um, work stuff.  Let’s go upstairs.”


“Alright,” Paula looked at him seductively and slapped his butt before chasing him upstairs, where they spent the whole night having really great sex.

Chapter Thirteen

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