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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Two

Simon arrived at the studio the next day, eyes searching for a certain short co-worker of his.  He found Paula in makeup and plastered on a fake warm smile before walking up to her.


“Hello, darling,” he said, bending down to kiss her cheek.  “You look lovely.”


Seeing straight through his act, Paula simply replied, “What do you want?”


“Well, I was wondering if you would accompany me to dinner tomorrow night.”


“Wow, this is like some very realistic nightmare.  Simon Cowell is asking me out.”


“Well…” Simon started.  He had to think of something and fast. “I think we may have gotten started on the wrong foot, and I wanted to make it up to you.  You know, just friends going out for a meal together.”


“Aww, that’s actually sweet.  I’m sorry for saying what I said.  I would love to join you for dinner, but tomorrow night’s not good for me.”


“Friday then?”


“Friday it is.  Get your makeup done and I’ll see you out there when the show starts.”


With that, Paula turned and left the room.


‘This may be harder than I thought,’ Simon silently admitted to himself.

Chapter Three

This Wasn't Supposed to Happen Home

Simon + Paula = SO IN LOVE