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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Four

The trip was made in a sort of awkward silence.  The two had never really hung out before, and neither really knew what to say.


When they arrived at the restaurant, they were immediately seated.  After ordering their meals, they felt the awkward silence begin to approach them once more.  Desperately trying to avoid it, Simon spoke up.


“So, um, how was your date or whatever yesterday?”


Paula began to giggle. “I didn’t have a date, Simon.  I had dinner with my mother and my sister, and we had a great time.  It’s nice being able to catch up with them every once in a while.  I don’t see them as much as I’d like to.”


Simon breathed a sigh of relief and immediately regretted it.  He hoped she didn’t notice, but she did.


Paula began to laugh again, but, luckily for Simon, the waiter arrived with their drinks.  When he left, it was Paula who spoke up this time to avoid the silence.


“So, this isn’t a date, but, just out of curiosity, what does Simon Cowell do on a date?  I’m sure you have some foolproof pickup line or tactic to make all those girls go so crazy.”


“Nope, I guess it’s just my natural charm.”


Another laugh.


“What, you don’t believe me?”


“Not for a second.”


“Well, there are a couple things…”


“Tell me.”


“If I really like a girl, and she doesn’t seem to be impressed by my charm or my fame, I usually pick a feature I like about her, her eyes or her lips.  And I just stare at it.  Then, I tell her how beautiful she is.  That usually is enough to do it.”


“Have you ever had a girl turn you down for sex?”


“Aren’t we getting personal now?  First, I want to know your moves for a date.”


“Are you kidding me?  I don’t need moves.”


“You’re such a liar.  I mean, yeah, you are reasonably hott, but you’re so annoying.  I mean, am I the only guy who has ever told you that?”


Paula had thought that maybe Simon was serious about this whole starting over thing, but this just pissed her off.  She stood up, through her cup of wine on him, and left.


‘Damn,’ Simon thought to himself. ‘I need to learn to shut up.  This is not going to be easy.’

Chapter Five

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