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Crazy Saula Luvin'
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TWSTH - Chapter Six

When they were ready to leave, Paula followed Simon to his house.  Somewhere between the American Idol studio and Simon’s house, a torrential downpour had begun.  When they got to Simon’s house, both judges bolted from their cars to the front door, trying to remain as dry as possible.


“Simon, it’s pouring!  Open the door!” Paula said with her hands trying to form some sort of an umbrella over her head but failing miserably.


“I would if I could find my key!”  Simon shouted, frantically searching his pockets.


“Don’t you have one with your car keys?”


“No, I just had the locks changed and didn’t have a chance to put one on there yet.  Come on, we’ll go around to the side door.  I have a code to punch in for that one.”


Simon and Paula ran around to the side of his house.  Paula, really sick of being out in the rain, was puzzled when she saw Simon just standing there in front of the keypad.


“What are you doing?!” Paula half asked / half yelled.


“I can’t remember the code.”


“What?!  Simon, I’m getting soaked.”


“Do you have your cell phone?”


“Yeah, but how’s that going to help us?  Are you going to try to use the antenna to pick the lock?”  she asked sarcastically.


“Just shut up, and give me your phone.  I’m going to call my cleaning lady.  She should know the code.”


Paula handed over her cell phone, and Simon called his cleaning lady.  Lucky for him, he remembered her number, and the cleaning lady was there.  How he could remember the number for the cleaning lady and not the code to get into his own house did puzzle Paula though.


Regardless, they were in the house shortly, and both were creating puddles where they stood.


“Well… um… I don’t exactly think I have anything you could change into.  Unless you want to borrow some of my clothes.  Somehow, I doubt they would fit you.”


“That’s okay.  I’ll dry eventually.”


“Suit yourself, I’m going to go change.  I’ll be back down in a minute.”


When Simon got back downstairs a few minutes later, he noticed Paula admiring all of the artwork and decorations.


“You have a lovely house,” Paula said when she realized Simon had come back downstairs.


“Thank you.  So, what do you want to watch?”


“Well,” Paula started.  She didn’t, however, get to finish because the lights began to flicker, and the power went out.


“I guess we’re not watching a movie,” Simon said. “Come on, I think I have some candles and flashlights in the kitchen.


Once they had lit a dozen or so candles around the kitchen and dining room and each was equipped with a flashlight, the much feared awkward silence began to once again set in.


“Okay, I have to ask…” Paula began, “why did you just now suddenly decide you wanted us to be friends?”


Simon took this as a good time to take things a little farther.


“Well, I suddenly realized how stupid I’d been for becoming enemies with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”


Paula began to blush, and Simon bent down to kiss her.  It wasn’t a long kiss, but the passion was there.


“Simon, we can’t do this.”


“Okay,” Simon said, still staring at her lips, “but you are very beautiful.”


Apparently, Paula remembered their dinner conversation.  She through him against the nearest wall, and kissed him with more passion than she’d ever known.  After they made out for several minutes, Paula pulled back to catch her breath.  She laid her head against his chest, and he leaned down to kiss her still damp hair.


“I should go,” Paula told him.


“That would probably be best,” Simon replied, “I’ll see you tomorrow I guess.”


“Yeah, see ya.”


Paula quickly turned around and left.  After she walked out the door, Simon leaned back against the wall.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  She was supposed to be falling for him!

Chapter Seven

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